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Upcoming Gigs:
(Call the venue first, to be sure...)

SAT, Oct 7th, The HOLY MACKERELS at McSEAGULL's (207-633-5900), Pier 1, in the Heart of Downtown BBay Hbr, ME, 6-9PM Scrumptious Food, Delicious Drinks & Tasty Americana Music.
SUN, Oct 8th, The HOLY MACKERELS at the FALL FOLIAGE FESTIVAL, at the Railway Museum, Boothbay, ME, 2-3:30PM; Just follow the sound of Music! [Music, Food, Crafts + Concessions--10AM-4PM, Admission Charge].
MON Oct 9th, THE HOLY MACKERELS and THE BONEHEADS at McSEAGULL's (207-633-5900), Pier 1, in the Heart of Downtown BBay Hbr, ME, 1-4 pm (Scrumptious Food, Delicious Drinks & Tasty Americana Music on the deck; It's Columbus Day!)
THUR, Oct 12th, ARTHUR WEBSTER solo at the NEWAGEN INN (207-633-5242), 60 Cape Newagen Rd, Southport, ME, 7-9PM, in the Tavern for your dining + listening pleasure.
FRI, Oct 20th, The HOLY MACKERELS, Mark, Arthur, Steve + Paul at Robinson's Wharf (207-633-3830), Just across the Swingbridge, on Southport Island, ME, 5:30-8:30PM [Come on over! Treat yourself! Have some Food, Drink & Great Music...] <


The 2nd pressing of our Holy Mackerels CD "Don't Take Too Many Of Them To Make A Dozen!" is available at any of our gigs - only $10.00.  And a few "HOLY MACKERELS" Hats are available for $20.00. And you can call me at 207-633-4617, + I'll send you a CD and/ or a hat.

THE HOLY MACKERELS, the great eclectic acoustic 4-piece band with whom I sing and play stand-up bass, will be playing locally... Look for our dates in my schedule!!  <------

Besides myself, we have Mark "Jehovah" Stover on acoustic guitar + vocals, Paul D'Alessio on fiddle + vocals, + Steve Jones [from The Boneheads] on acoustic/electric guitar + vocals.  When Steve can't make it, the Legendary Robbie Coffin or the Amazing Gabe Tonon make the scene!

If you want to be sure about a date, call the tel # for the club before you travel. I can't say that I haven't made a mistake in these listings..."I'm NOT a webmaster, Jim, I'm a MUSICIAN, DAMN IT!"